Beginner's Guide On How To Style Statement Jewelry

Beginners Guide On How To Style Statement Jewelry by KMagnifiqueDesigns

Statement jewelry has been a staple in women's fashion for centuries now spanning as far back as the millennia-old middle eastern Egyptian period, down to the age of the Renaissance, traversing into the 1800 century Victorian era and continuing into our day. It is my belief that this style has stood the test of time due to its ability to elevate, and even transform ones physical appearance. However, the idea of wearing large statement pieces may seem a bit intimidating to some. If this is your predicament then the 5 tips listed below can help aid you in wearing and styling statement jewelry confidently! Before we start exploring different techniques on how to wear statement jewelry let's get a better understanding on the actual concept behind it. 

Many think of statement jewelry as just an accessory that stands out. However, Jewelry is an extension of your wardrobe and just as your wardrobe helps to say something about your personality, statement jewelry can do this as well, yet in a more resounding way. "Definitions from Oxford Languages" describes the word statement in regards to fashion as "denoting something, such as a visually striking piece of jewelry, clothing, or interior decoration, that is intended to convey a particular attitude or image." Since this is the case you can think of statement jewelry as a means of expressing your personality through your appearance. So it's important to ask yourself 'what do I want this statement piece to say about me?'. Perhaps your style is more refined and elegant or maybe more colorful and fun. Whatever your personal preference statement jewelry can help you express it.

'Jewelry is an extension of your wardrobe and can help to say something about your personality.'

So let's get into some tips and tricks that can aid you in styling statement jewelry.

Tip #1. Less Is More

If the concept of wearing large statement pieces intimidates you, consider styling one piece at a time. For example, try wearing a statement necklace with no earrings. You can also let a fabulous pair of earrings make the statement all on their own. Even more subtle is a beautiful statement bracelet or large statement ring (if you're feeling really bold try pairing the bracelet and ring together!). However you choose to go about it this is a great tip for getting your feet wet. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Tip #2. Style For Your Size

Are you more on the petite side and feel that large pieces of jewelry swallow up your small frame? I suggest you look for statement pieces that are well proportion to your size. An example of this could be wearing a medium size necklace that still stands out and makes a statement on you. Perhaps the opposite, you're more shapely and feel that larger pieces add a bit too much weight to your curvier physique. If this is the case try styling long yet thinner pieces. This helps to create the illusion of a slimmer appearance. Like with any clothing item you purchase it's important to find what compliments your shape best!Green Jasper Long Gold Dangle Chain Earrings by KMagnifiqueDesigns

"Look for statement pieces that are well proportion to your size."

Tip #3. Try a Simple Backdrop

A simple backdrop creates a great canvas for styling statement pieces. A little black dress, a plain white tee or button down shirt, or even a solid color outfit helps make the process of pairing statement jewelry easy peasy!

Tip #4. Confidence Is Key!

This kind of goes without saying but the fact of the matter is if you feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing it's pretty hard to feel confident. Try experimenting with statement jewelry that best suits you personal style. For example, as touched on before, if your style is more refined then try a search for "chic" or "elegant statement jewelry". If it's more colorful do a search for "colorful statement jewelry" and so on. Pinterest is the perfect place to explore and collect ideas on what looks good with what depending on your style. Create a board and start saving imagery of looks and styles that inspire you!

Tip #5. Be Daring

For me personally I always felt that wearing statement jewelry has helped me feel more confident and attractive. I can still remember back in my mid teens going through my mother's jewelry box and picking out the largest pair of earrings I could find. Because of this wearing large statement pieces always felt very natural to me. That being said I realize that that's not always the case with every women, and really, that's okay. Everyone has their own unique style. However maybe you came here because you wish to step outside your comfort zone. If that's the case then I hope the suggestions in this article can help inspire you to be a little more daring and bold with your wardrobe. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and discover a real love for statement jewelry!

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