Lapis Lazuli Glass Cube Statement Bracelet

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Semi precious Lapis Lazuli stones coupled with antique gold tones give this piece a chic look with a luxurious feel! Gold plated glass cube center bead creates a beautiful focal point and makes a unique statement! Bracelet is made with strong clear elastic string allowing it to stretch to wrist size.


Lapis lazuli, often referred to as just "Lapis", has been used as a gemstone since ancient times and was highly regarded because of its beautiful deep blue color and the valuable pigment which was originally made by grinding the stone into a powder. This beautiful stone also contains little specks of gold coloring throughout. Today, lapis is still considered to be one of the most important opaque blue gemstones available!

Product Details

.Semi precious Lapis Lazuli.
.Glass center bead.
.Antique gold plated bead caps.
.Gold plated brass metal spacers.
.Clear elastic string.
.Size of stones - 14mm.

Bracelet Size:

Ex Small -
Wrist size - 5¾ inches. Outer dimension - 9¾ inches.

Small -
Wrist size - 6¼ inches. Outer dimension - 10¼ inches.

Medium -
Wrist size - 6¾ inches. Outer dimension - 10¾ inches.

Large -
Wrist size - 7¼ inches. Outer dimension - 11¼ inches.

Please be sure to check your wrist measurements before purchasing.

All items are shipped in a beautiful gold and teal packaging, ready for gifting!


Please note: due to both natural stone and ambient lighting, color of bracelet may very slightly from photographs.

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